Digital Display Advertising


Retargeting is about converting browsers to buyers. Today’s shoppers visit an average of seven websites while researching products and services. Because not everyone will convert the first time they visit your website, retargeting is a great way to keep reaching those customers who have expressed an interest in your business but have not yet turned into a lead or made a purchase.

Retargeting works by “follow” your customers around the web, marketing specifically to them. By showing them your ads as they browse other web sites, you stay in the forefront of their mind. Retargeting even gives you the ability to target prospects based on specific pages they’ve visited on your site by using ads designed to reflect their specific area of interest or by offering a special discount or sale price on a particular product they viewed.


Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting is accomplished through the use of an algorithm that scans the text of websites participating in the display network and matches them with keywords that have been selected for your particular advertising campaignKeyword graphic

For example, you purchase keywords like “nutritious recipes” and a user in your geographic area types those words into their search engine. The user then clicks on one of the websites listed in the organic search results and your ad is displayed on the page selected.


Behavioral Targeting

Take your digital marketing to the next level by adding behavioral targeting to the digital mix.  Like retargeting, behavioral targeting uses online tracking to follow a user’s web-browsing behavior and compiles that data to determine what ads to display.

By examining a user’s online behavior, which defines interests, advertisements can be accurately targeted based on those interests. For example, while preparing for a new car purchase, one may research different models, price ranges, brands, and gas mileage. Behavioral targeting would recognize that recent searches have certain behaviors in common and would serve up ads for a car dealership.

This can be a huge advantage for the company taking advantage of behavioral targeting because it shows ads to people who are in the market for your product right now and this translate into higher conversions.


IP Targeting

IP Targeting is a patent pending technology we use to pinpoint individual households through their unique IP address. You provide us with a database of names and physical addresses and we match those to individuals by IP address and then deliver your advertisements to just the households within your particular demographic.  It’s like direct mail for the internet but without the cost of printing and postage. Unlike direct mail, it’s not a one-time deal – You can choose how many times your ads are presented to your prospects.


Video Targeting

According to YouTube statistics, they now have more than one billion users, watching hundreds of millions of hours of video, generating billions of views each day.Video-Preroll-graphic-300x237

Video targeting takes advantage of the aspects of keyword targeting and retargeting to displaying video advertisements based on keyword searches as well as targeting people who have visited your website in the past but did not convert.

Your video advertising runs before the main content video, on not just you tube but the many networks now carrying video content. Many people think viewers skip video advertisements. However, statistics show that 70% of viewers watch 100% of video advertisements and you are only charged when 25% of the ad is viewed.


Managed Networking

We are the only media company in the region to compile the thousands of publishers within the digital networks into specific managed categories. With over 100 different managed networks designed to target a wide variety of consumers and demographics, we can deliver your ads to the most relevant platforms, which historically have performed well in the delivering audience traffic to advertiser sites.