Interactive Solutions

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Our interactive solutions combine the power of the internet and the influence of radio to activate fun and effective campaigns that allow consumers to connect with your business in a meaningful way.

Take part in a vast inventory of contests, quizzes, surveys, games, cyber remotes, and much more.



Radio is used to activate your campaign. Our talented on-air staff creates a buzz around your event through on-air mentions, on-location appearances, and on-line interaction through social media. This drives the traffic to your ads like no other medium can.


Hosted Content

As a part of our interactive solutions, your message is featured on our station websites. This is especially helpful in situations where you may not have full control over your own business web content. It allows us to track activity and collect vital information on your campaign.  And our website is a great location for your ads because it sees a lot of action.  We are driving traffic to our own website for all our many activities and events all day, every day.



When prospective customers come to our website, we will retarget them with digital ads for your business so the exposure they get from your interactive campaign stays with them as they travel around the internet. This reinforces your message, increases your conversion rate, and ultimately provides you with the greatest return on your advertising investment.



Manning Media understands entertainment and how to create memorable events that offer the sort of personal touch and engagement you can only get at a live event. All our interactive elements contribute to the buzz that will make your event a success and draw the audiences you really want to engage.