A Few Hidden Marketing Gems We Overturned on Facebook

According to a recent article on Venturebeat.com, Facebook reported 60 Million active business accounts residing on their platform as of September 2016. Of that 60 Million, they estimate only four million are utilizing Facebook advertising.
The majority of Facebook users, businesses included, continue to focus their efforts on free or “organic” efforts such as posts, shared content, and events. While there is no doubt that this will help you grow your fan base over time, there are a few other Facebook nuggets you should not ignore – employing one or two of them could be the gold mine of information that will help you strike it rich in both the social media world and the physical one.
Located at the top of your Facebook page is the main navigation bar – if you venture into the Insights tap of your Facebook page, you will find all sorts of useful information and analytics about the activities that are taking place on your site but one often overlooked trinket you should unearth is located in the “Overview” categoryfacebook-insights-left-nav-rev.
If you currently have over 100 fans you have access to a feature called “Sites to Watch.” This feature allows you to add competitors and/or organizations you wish to emulate. Here, you can track these organizations activities and compare their stats to your own.
Another area that provides particularly interesting insight is the “People” category. This category shows the demographic break down of your fan base, by sex, age and physical location. This is a bonanza for any business willing to make use of it to plan future marketing campaigns both on Facebook and off.
facebook insights peopleYou may discover a fan base in a particular segment of the population, who you had not previously considered, is showing interest in your company or conversely, you could discover that much of your marketing effort is being wasted on an audience outside your local reach. Either way, you can use this demographic information to adjust your efforts and improve your strategies.
Another jewel that can give your business presence a little sparkle is Facebook Notes. Facebook-left-side-nav-revIf you do not have a blog on your current website or if you do not have a website at all, Facebook Notes offers users a place to blog or “mega-post”. Through Facebook notes, you can share ideas or information you can not post in one or two sentences or with single image.facebook notes page
If you are considering digging into the world of Facebook advertising to promote your business, Facebook, has incorporated many new ways to grow awareness, such as boosted posts, promoted pages, video ads, carousel ads, and look-a-like audiences. Some of these incorporate specific call to action buttons for calling, linking to your website and even giving viewers directions to your location.
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