An Addition to the Marketing Team

Across the internet, marketing bloggers refer to Passive and Active marketing in the following way:

Passive Marketing – Marketing efforts that are initiated one time and then sit in limbo waiting until a user or consumer discovers them. Items such as directories, websites and blog entries fall into this general definition of passive marketing. Passive marketing, is also considered lower cost marketing because a lower level of effort and fewer resources are required to “set it and forget it”.

Active Marketing – Marketing endeavors that require considerable effort on the part of a sales person or marketing team, such as meeting with clients, compiling proposals or participating in an industry expo. These efforts are considered higher cost because there is more effort and resources required to successfully execute active marketing efforts.

In our blog, however, we would like to examine this philosophy of Passive and Active Marketing a little differently, as if marketing efforts are an additional member of your team and how employing certain members can activate interest for your brand and contribute to your bottom line.

Meet Radio – This go-getter is always on the move – actively out in the marketplace talking to consumers all times of the night and day. Radio that combines the right reach and frequency has the power to talk to large numbers of people, a large number of times and according to Nielsen, “radio’s reach is larger than any other format and only continues to grow year-over-year.”

Consider Hiring Digital Display – Digital Display (AKA Internet advertising) is another busy bee, always turned on and working for you but Digital also brings an analytical mind to the effort, using data to track consumer behavior and interest and delivering highly targeted messages where consumers shop, consume and communicate 24 hours a day. Precise analytics on performance is an aspect of digital display that other media candidates just cannot compete with.

Both of these dynamos, Digital and Radio, also have the unique trait of being highly flexible. Change is possible in a matter of minutes or you can conduct A/B testing with multiple messages to not only reach different types of consumers but to develop even more data driven results.

Put the SEO in Charge – Websites aren’t typically handled like an active member of a sales force and those bloggers we mentioned earlier, who lump your website into the passive category, should think again.

According to the Visual Networking Index (VNI) compiled by Cisco, the worldwide leader in IT, which presents findings on global IP traffic, there are quintillions of new bytes of data added to the world-wide web every day. Your website must stay active, relevant, and interesting to survive in an environment that is evolving at such an incomprehensible rate.

amont of data uploaded daily

one exabyte is one quintillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000) bytes

The content on your website should be inspired and rejuvenated regularly, in the same way the rest of your sales force requires ongoing training and support but if you want to really elevate your efforts, add SEO to your public relations team. With SEO, managing the logistics of on-site functions like how visitors find and interact with you as well as off-site factors such as your social media profiles, you have a better chance of thriving in this ever-changing digital environment.

When you are looking for a new member of your staff, you obviously want to invest in the best possible candidate for the job. Well, if you look at your marketing efforts in this same way, as if each investment is an active contributor to your brand and bottom line, you will be insured that you are employing a workforce that will get the job done right.

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