Exploring New Territory

We spend a lot of time on our mobile devices…  

That statement is probably no great revelation to you since you, most likely, have a mobile device. Overall, 77% of Americans say they own a mobile device, according to an article from Pew Research this past June. That number has risen 35% from just six years ago; and according to Pew Research that makes the mobile device, aka the Smart Phone, one of most quickly adopted forms of technology in recent history.

With ownership on the rise, so goes the time spent using the device as a primary tool for searching the internet for answers to questions like, “how close is the best bar-be-que restaurant that also has vegan options?” According to ComScore’s research published in January 2017, consumers in the United States mobile device usage makes up 71% of total digital minutes.

What these pieces of information reveal – if your efforts to reach consumers have a digital component and it doesn’t include a mobile element, you may be missing out on a significant opportunity.

Welcome to Mobile Conquesting.

Mobile Conquesting may sound like a game that you download from the App Store but it’s actually a marketing tool that combines physical location technology with ad delivery based on behavior, brand identity, and consumption habits.

This enhanced geo-targeting ad delivery means a more precise reach for a business’ message – going after all those mobile device users right where they are spending a vast majority of their time.

This method has so much flexibility, to the point of targeting neighbors of a person who has received an ad on their phone, that a “marketing map” is necessary to mark the way to successful delivery.

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20/20 Vision

Having 20/20 vision isn’t what it really means in the business world.  According to a study completed by Partners in Leadership, over 50% of businesses surveyed did not have a goal or objective clearly defined to be reached by the year 2020.  Of the 1,000 companies surveyed, 83% of those that did set a 2020 goal called it a “somewhat to aggressive” stretch goal.

The benefits of having defined goals have been well documented.  Having goals that are clear to all employees creates cohesiveness among staff; can generate enthusiasm for projects; help with understanding long-term objectives and offers a “rally” point for companies.  The Partners In Leadership survey offered that having a defined goal or objective can provide “organizational alignment and effective professional development.”

Creating clear, understandable and sustainable goals offers those vested in the business some to strive for:  success through goal achievement.

The United States Election Project (http://www.electproject.org/2016g) tracked the 2016 election cycle.  Nearly half of eligible voters (46.9% of the 231,556,622 people) did not vote in the 2016 election.  Of those who remaining who did vote, the divide between major party candidates came down to tenths of percentage points for the popular vote.  In August 2016, the Pew Research Center ranked the U.S. 31st out of 35 countries for voter turnout based on the voting age populace, among the mostly democratic nations that are a part of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Perhaps it’s the lack of clarity in goals and objectives that keeps people on the sidelines in one of the most important civic actions they can take.  It may be malaise for politics in general or overall apathy for the direction being offered by a candidate.  Or it may be the lack of clearly communicated goals (other than reaching a particular political office) that is the culprit in low voter turnout.

Establishing goals for your company – looking ahead to the year 2020 – is much like creating the planks in a political platform.  Determine the path you feel your business will need to travel for success; what strategies will you employ to make that travel as direct as possible; and what contingencies you may need should unforeseen obstacles arise.

With goals and objectives clearly laid out and more importantly, clearly articulated to your employees and contributors, you’ll find the vision will be clear.  And you’ll have a stronger than average turnout when it comes to electing that plan to a successful outcome.

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Technology in the Fast Lane

Does it seem like 60 years have passed since the video cassette recorder came into our lives? In 1956, Dwight Eisenhower was President, Little Richard released “Tutti Fruitti” and Elvis Presley made his television debut. Perhaps it was this last item that was the reason for the launch of the VCR.  As of July 2016, the Japanese manufacturer Funai Electronics – reported to be the last manufacturer to make VCRs – is halting production. At least VCR can claim it lasted longer than BetaMax.

According to reports from the Associated Press, Funai began making their all-time hit products in 1983 starting with the videotape players. Then, they began manufacturing videotape recorders in 1985. Funai shared that last year they made 750,000 VHS machines that played or recorded cassette tapes. In 2000, it made 15 million of them, 70 percent for the U.S. market, according to the company, based in Osaka, central Japan.

The idea that something so revolutionary to the world of television viewing and then ultimately the movie industry could last just 60 years and is now being hastened to the door is not uncommon in a world now dominated by the advances of digital technology. Digital cameras disguised as Smartphones led quickly to the demise of the film camera and the floppy disk.

Consider also that digital marketing and advertising technology is quickly working to stake its place at the business owners table, too. According to eMarketer, by the end of 2017, digital advertising spending will top $77 billion – nearly 38% of the total dollars spent on advertising in the United States. Their research indicates that as “consumers continue to engage further on mobile devices for content and daily activities, marketers will continue to find ways to integrate their messages to reach consumers.”

There is a cautionary tale that comes along while digital continues its growth spurt (because all new forms of media/advertising have unparalleled growth). Consumers are engaging more with their mobile devices but they are also keeping their interest and usage levels high in heritage media like radio. For the business owners trying to keep ahead of the curve, the sage advice of Jack Hershey, a well-known investment advisor, comes to mind: “Find your balance.”

Too many times, marketers are going to propose that the newest innovation will be the long-lasting answer to advertising and messaging woes but consumers are seeking more today from their content and the methods of delivery than ever before. Balance gives all businesses the chance to reach their audiences in the most appropriate way, on a consistent basis. Consider that the first manufacturer of the VCR and even those making 15 million of them 16 years ago didn’t envision Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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Spike or Growth — Which is best for business

A great article on why Programmatic Buying is the future is here for your information.There are some very significant (large by the number of 0’s behind them) in this article. It shares the idea that Digital Display will be a dominant force for quite some time. For the large advertisers — national corporations, major brands, et al — this appears to be an idea to follow or at least be familiar with when your ad agency presents it at their quarterly call. What about the small advertiser — the $2,500 per-month-cause-that’s-all-I-can-afford business owner?  Who will help him clearly understand where Programmatic Buying is taking the advertising world?  Who will help him map out a plan? Who is going to actually define for him what the heck Programmatic Buying is and WHY should he care?  The true Marketing Professional will, that’s who.

There are plenty of Advertising Executives out there. They stand alongside Advertising Consultants, Ad Reps, Media Execs and all the other quick reference names used for local direct contact personnel for media companies.  They are there to make sure that small business owner is met with his quota of up to 10 media outlet calls and inquires per day.  Ten per day — and that’s from the media outlets they are familiar with — it doesn’t include the blind emails or calls from 800 services looking to “offer them a great solution” to getting more customers in the store.

True marketing professionals will be well versed in the growth of the advertising industry.  That means recognizing that growth can occur in single sectors such as digital display over a period of time, but that at some point all marketing and advertising still rely on basic principles.  Know your client’s customers, understand the product or service being offered, learn where it is best served and when — then offer (not sell) the client solid idea-oriented solutions that will help their business grow.  Growing with the business owner guarantees a longer term relationship — something that will outlast a trend in any spike in media delivery-types.

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We Are Tooting Our Own Horn!

Manning Media, Inc. is proud to recognize the certification achievements of members of the sales and marketing teams. The following have successfully met the requirements to earn the designation of Certified Digital Marketing Consultant (CDMC) as accredited by the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB).


CDMC Recipients: Dave Barnhart, Fred Manning, Larry Veihmeyer, Marci Howes, Melinda Donegan, Robin Jeffs, Tina Wiseman, and Warren Orey.

The CDMC designation is assurance that the certificate holder has a thorough understanding of digital marketing. CDMC graduates must complete a rigorous course of study that focuses on mastering the knowledge and skills necessary to help local businesses maximize their advertising success. Furthermore, graduates are trained to work with advertising agencies to help create successful traditional and new media campaigns.


In addition to the CDMC designation, Warren Orey also successfully met the requirements for the Certified Radio Marketing Consultant (CRMC) designation. The CRMC designation guarantees certificate holders are practicing advanced marketing techniques and are knowledgeable in consumer marketing, negotiation and competitive media.


Additionally, Kelli Leach successfully completed the Radio Marketing Professional (RMP) certification.  This designation is a declaration that the recipient has demonstrated knowledge of the radio industry, the fundamentals of building relationships with clients, exhibiting and demonstrating a clear understanding of sound marketing principles for the benefit of advertisers.

The Radio Advertising Bureau is the sales and marketing arm of the Radio industry. There are 7,000 members including 6,000 radio station in the United States; and over 1,000 associate members in networks, representative firms, sales and international organizations. RAB leads and participates in educational, research, sales and advocacy programs that promote and advancement of Radio as a principal advertising medium.

Manning Media, Inc. is a media company based in Hagerstown and Frederick, MD.  Manning Media, Inc. specializes in developing media solutions through digital, broadcast, event and promotional marketing strategies and ideas. Manning Broadcasting was incorporated in 1982, originally owning and operating two radio stations (WARK-AM, WWEG-FM) in the community for 23 years prior to selling the stations in 2005. In 2012, Manning Broadcasting Inc. purchased three stations (WARK-AM, WWEG-FM and WAFY-FM)  and expanded the organization’s broadcast and digital capabilities from three to five broadcast facilities and basic digital services (station web banners, streaming ads, streaming pre-roll and SEO) to sophisticated digital marketing strategies to include: SEO, SEM, Reputation Monitoring, Display & Video targeting, Retargeting, Behavioral targeting, Keyword targeting, IP targeting, Facebook & Instagram targeting, Geo-targeting, Geo-fencing, Geo-routing and more.

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Answer Every Question

Questions occur every day, all day.  We start our day with questions, ” what’s for breakfast? or when is my first meeting?”  You answer these questions without reservation — food and time are important to all of us but we should consider every question important.

You have responsibilities to your clients and co-workers to answer every question about products, services, deadlines, deals, pendings, accounts receivables, vendors, and so much more.  If you try to determine that only some questions deserve an answer, a.k.a., some of your time and attention, then you may be missing out on an opportunity.

Opportunity comes from questions. The client who asks, “How does this new service really benefit me?” is not necessarily looking for more empirical data but perhaps reassurance that the move they are about to make is the best option.  And all questions — opportunities — deserve an answer even if it’s no.

No is an answer that is acceptable.  If you only consider it as a negative result, then you’ve missed the opportunity once again.  “No, I’m not interested….” — can still be a positive business outcome.  “Thank you for your consideration…should conditions change or if timing is better in the future, we can talk again.” Creating a positive business attitude from the answer to a question, even when its “no” will help you generate more business in the long run.

Surprise: Radio Reaches More

From the website, Statista.com: Statistics and facts on the U.S. Radio Industry

“Radio is the second most powerful medium in the United States, reaching 59 percent of the country’s population daily. In comparison, 49 percent are reached by the Internet, while print media accounts for 13 percent. Only TV, with a daily reach of 80 percent, is consumed on a daily basis by a broader audience. Online radio is, somewhat surprisingly, used by just 15 percent of American radio listeners, even though close to 80 percent of the U.S. population has access to the internet.

Here at Manning Media Inc. we all said, “Well we knew that!”  Terrestrial radio is the original “social media” because it links people through music appreciation, news, information, and most of all, enjoyment!  Even in emergencies, people tune in to their radios for breaking information to help deal with the situation. Day-to-day needs such as traffic reports are found on terrestrial radio stations — keeping commuters moving. So headline is no surprise to us.

Radio, especially local radio, continues to be the “go-to” media for consumers and Manning Media Inc. has the ability to reach adults with spending power, ages 25 to 64, in Central Maryland, along the I-81 Corridor and into the Eastern Panhandle.

station graph 2 station graph