Interactive Solutions

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Our interactive solutions combine the power of the internet and the influence of radio to activate fun and effective campaigns that allow consumers to connect with your business in a meaningful way.

Take part in a vast inventory of interactive elements on any one of our five station web sites. Elements such as feature pages, page peels, contests, quizzes and surveys, cyber remotes, and much more.

Feature Pages

As a part of our interactive solutions, your message can find a home on our station websites. This is especially helpful in situations where you may not have full control over your own business web content. It also allows us to track web activity for you and collect vital information on your campaign. We can accommodate video, collect data through surveys, or simply drive traffic to your own website. Our website is a great location for your content because it sees a lot of action. We are driving traffic to our own website for all our many activities and events all day, every day. 

Banners, Take-overs, Splashes & Peels

With thousands of daily views to our websites, our flashy interactive web features are real attention getters. When you take over our home page or take part in a fun interactive element like a corner peel our listeners get on board.  We use the power of radio to drive traffic to our site every day and when visitors get to our site they want to participate in the fun. This means our click through rates are consistently above the national average.

Email Marketing

Each of our five radio station is dedicated to its listeners and have cultivated highly active and loyal fan bases. These listeners make up our various VIP clubs, totaling over 10,000 subscribers. We communicate with these subscribers regularly and can share your message with them through our weekly subscriber newsletter or through an exclusive offer.

If you have generated your own list of VIPs, we can help reach them through our automated email marketing platform. We will design, build, and send your email marketing campaign for you and you reap all the rewards.


Contesting can take a lot of different forms but all take advantage of the power of radio to drive participation. Our talented on-air staff creates a buzz around your event through on-air mentions and interactive online elements engage our listeners and VIP club members bolstering your brand and driving traffic to your site like no other medium can.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Because it is our mission to provide premium entertainment, listener engagement is one of our highest priorities. This means we are always looking for new fresh content and ideas to bring to our fans and followers. This affords us the opportunity to offer a vast array of sponsorship opportunities to our advertisers. From station features such as traffic reports to large scale events like Frederick’s 4th of July celebration, we are in the middle of the action and we can take you there with us building your brand.


Manning Media understands entertainment and how to create memorable events that offer the sort of personal touch and engagement you can only get at a live event. All our interactive elements contribute to the buzz that will make your event a success and draw the audiences you really want to engage.