Where to Turn for the Right Facebook Ads

In the early days of Facebook, anyone could launch a Facebook page, make regular posts, gain likes and grow their fanbase. However, over the last few years, this simple process, known as organic content or organic posts has become less and less effective. According to research from social@ogilvy, reach from organic or free posts can now be as low as 2%.

According to a statement from Brian Boland, Facebook’s VP of Advertising Technology, in the Hubspot article “The Decline of Organic Facebook Reach and How to Outsmart the Algorithm” this drop in reach through organic posts has much to do with the sheer volume of content being posted to Facebook on a daily basis. Facebook stated in 2013 that 4.75 billion pieces of content were shared daily on the platform, so one can only imagine how much that number has grown in the last four years.

Today, there are thousands of factors influencing what appears in a user’s news feed, not just shared content from the people or pages we like and follow. The learning based algorithm that directs all this traffic takes into account individual user preferences, trigger words, and engagement to determine how to serve engaging content to their ever-changing interests.

Additionally, Facebook has made it their mission to ensure users see only the best content and one way to accomplish that is to do away with bad advertising. Andrew Bosworth, VP of Ads and Business Platform, states that ads are “reviewed against our standards to ensure they are respectful of people’s experience. For example, we don’t permit ads that include sound unless you interact with them and we prohibit deceptive ads and ads for unsafe products and services.”

Content, including advertising, that is targeted to user’s interests creates a better user experience so advertisers should expect that organic posts are going to continue to decline in reach and, according to Hubspot, will need to be supplemented with paid advertising in order to reach the audiences they want.

We have included the following spreadsheet that breaks down some of the advertising options Facebook offers to help you determine how to reach your goals as well as the audience that will generate the most engagement for you and your business:

Facebook-Advertising-OptionsFacebook is a powerful mechanism for increasing awareness for your brand but it can also be overwhelming and take you away from your core competencies.  Manning Media’s marketing team is  dedicated to making your marketing campaign a success no matter where your advertising efforts take you. Call us in Frederick at 301-620-7700, in Hagerstown at 301-733-4500 or fill out our online request form by clicking HERE .



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