Where Will Your Advertising Take You This Summer?

Summer is here, the heat is on, and the vacation days are piling up. According to a 2016 report compiled by Project Time-off, Americans waste hundreds of millions of vacation days each year but something is in the air that is shifting the trend.

In an article posted on travelpulse.com, it was revealed that vacation spending this summer will exceed $100 billion, a jump of 12% over travel spending in 2016. This increase is thanks primarily to Gen-X and Baby Boomers who will contribute an average of $2200 to their individual tourism experiences.

Both the increase in vacation spending and the number of American workers giving themselves permission to take a break could be due to a strong economy and a low unemployment rate. At the same time, the cost of travel has increased and transportation can be the biggest part of that expense, so a great deal of travel is conducted fairly close to home. According to valuepenguin.com, 21% of American families hit the open road in their own vehicle.

With the sun shining and this information in hand, it is high time to activate a plan that will attract potential visitors to your destination. Whether you provide food, lodging, recreation, entertainment, or any of the many products and services that benefit from travel and tourism you have the ability to reach this audience wherever they are and through whatever means they use to plan their vacations. According to bluemagnet.com, 62% of leisure travelers use the Internet for researching their trip and 53% of travelers have used a mobile device to find travel-related information.”

And though it is now mid-July, digital display advertising can be activated quickly. It only takes a couple days to develop a compelling story and get that story in front of those individuals dreaming of taking a vacation or deciding what to do while on holiday. Additionally, Digital Display is the ideal format for this particular audience because the format is highly targeted both by geography and also through consumer behavior.

Take the Heart of the Civil War Heritage Area for example: The HCWHA recently launched a digital display campaign that will attract specifically, Civil War Enthusiasts, based on past search behaviors, who reside in Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York and New Jersey and encourage them to visit any of the historic locations along the Civil War Trail in Carroll, Frederick and Washington Counties.

The economy is strong, consumers are confident, and travel is up. Take the first step in your advertising adventure by contacting Manning Media. Their marketing experts can create a road map for your digital display campaign that will put your business on the road to success. Call us at 301-620-7700 in Frederick, 301-733-4500 in Hagerstown or register for one of our upcoming Lunch and Learn seminars.

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