Email Marketing

Ad Type: HTML
Best Uses: Branding & Awareness; Coupon Redemption; B2B Sales

Targeted Email

Our Email product gives advertisers the ability to target the perfect message to the right people to entice them to take action when they’re ready to buy.

Email Redeployment

After the initial targeted email send, we can redeploy to those who have showed a level of interest & engagement with our initial send. This strategy helps move buyers down the funnel towards closing.

NEW In-Market Email

We partner with a massive number of websites and publisher networks that send a daily file of website visitors and the web pages they visited in the past day. This daily “trigger data” is then matched to our opted-in email database and are able to verify that user’s intent to purchase based on their browsing history in the past day.

These users are more likely to interact and CONVERT from your promotion since we know that they were just looking at similar websites and products in the past few days.



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