Live Chat

Best Uses: Leads/Form Fills; Phone Calls; B2B Sales

How it Works

Trained agents with knowledge of your company get lead information.

New Leads are emailed to you in real time, with the full transcription of the chat or text conversation.

You’re only charged for the lead if the agent has gathered:

  • The visitors name
  • Contact information (email or phone)
  • What the visitor is looking for is something you offer
  • The person is within your target geographic area

Add-On Options

  • Call Connect Once the agents gather the lead info, visitors will be asked if they want to be connected immediately to talk on the phone with your business.
  • Spanish Speaking Option
  • Text Option


5742 Industry Lane // Frederick, MD 21704
T: 301-620-7700 // F: 301-696-0509


880 Commonwealth Ave // Hagerstown, MD 21740
T: 301-733-4500 // F: 301-733-0040

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