Facebook & Instagram

Ad Type: Collection Ads, Job Listing Ads, Single Ads (Image and Video), Carousel Ads (Image and Video), Event Response Ads
Best Uses: Leads/Form Fills; Schedule Appointments; Online Sales; Event Attendance; Recruitment; App Downloads


Show your ads to specific consumers based on their on-line behavior, across all devices.

Custom Audience/Lookalike Audience

We take your list of emails, or phone numbers, or full names and zips – and show your ad ONLY to those people when they are on Facebook or Instagram.


Following people after they leave your website and showing them your Facebook/Instagram Ads across all devices.

Where We Will Run Your Ads

Facebook Newsfeed, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Audience Network, Facebook Instant Articles, Facebook Stories, Facebook Search and Instagram Newsfeed


5742 Industry Lane // Frederick, MD 21704
T: 301-620-7700 // F: 301-696-0509


880 Commonwealth Ave // Hagerstown, MD 21740
T: 301-733-4500 // F: 301-733-0040

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