Mobile Conquesting

Ad Type: Video; Display​​
Best Uses: In-Store Sales; Event Attendance; Branding & Awareness​

Behavioral Targeting

Target those who have shown specific behaviours online or those who have been to a certain location in the last 30 days.


Target people in real time while at competitors or specific locations or events.


Continue to target people after they leave the locations we are geo-fencing

Geo-Retargeting Lookalike

Continue to target people after they leave the locations we are geo-fencing and target those people’s neighborhoods

Cross Platform Targeting

Follow people who have been served the mobile ads (whether they clicked on the ad or not), onto other ad platforms on ANY devices they use!

Address Targeting and Retargeting

Drawing hundreds or even thousands of tiny geo-fences around an address (business or residential) to serve ads to consumers on their mobile phones and tablets.  Address Retargeting is continuing to serve ads to those same people when they leave their houses and use their mobile devices.  Advertisers can target a list of current customers, past customers, or any type of first party database list they have collected.

Weather Trigger

Target people when a certain type of weather conditions happens.


Target people in real time while at the event. Continue to target people 30 days after they leave the event we are geo-fencing.


You can have distance to your location (or closest location), phone number, and/or address dynamically inserted.​

On-Site Visit Tracking

We can track people who see your ad and then come to your business location(s) and show that on your monthly reports.

* For a visit to be counted person must have GPS enabled and be browsing on phone while visiting your location.


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