"A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"

We all know the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” If that is true, then we think a good infographic may be worth a thousand bucks.
Infographics are modern pictograms. Cave paintings for the digital age, if you will. The infographic takes a complicated process or idea and succinctly communicates that idea by employing iconography to illustrate important data points and statistics. It is art and science wrapped up into one pretty picture.
We have chosen a few of our favorite marketing related infographics to highlight this week, each unraveling a particular process that benefits from this form of representation.
1) Social media shortcuts…Who knew there was such a thing? Quintly.com certainly did, because they created this print worthy infographic with an immersive list of short cut codes that will have you zipping through all your social media functions:
social media shortcuts
2) SocialTimes.com offers tips for developing engaging social content and we think that much of their advice is relevant to branding your business both on and off line:
social content
3) Every business owner is looking for that secret marketing recipe that will lead to retaining customers. This infographic from Marketingprofs.com reveals some ways to cook up some customer loyalty:
customer loyalty
4) This infographic from Design Taxi offers, not just tips for improving your presentations, but also gives hard numbers on why a primed presentation is so important:
improve your presentations
5) The saying, “Grow where you are planted.” comes to mind when viewing this infographic from Business2Community. Data shows that businesses that make corporate giving a part of their marketing plan not only help their community florish, but can also see their own business bloom:
Bonus – Lastly, we chose this infographic from Visualistan.com because it explains why infographics are so great by using, you guessed it, an infographic:
infographic infographic
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