Answers to the Top 5 Questions About Your Digital Advertising Campaign:

  1. Why Don’t I See My Digital Ads When I’m Surfing the Internet?

The probability of seeing your ad “live” is very slim. Even if you type in the keywords we are utilizing as a part of your campaign or if you try to get yourself “Retargeted” from your own website the likelihood of crossing paths with your ad is minimal. This is because there are millions of ad impressions available on the internet and your campaign is but a small percentage of those millions of impressions. Subsequently, we do not bid on every impression or win every impression we do bid on. We will however, give you detailed monthly report that will show you where your digital display ads are placed and how successful each placement was. This allows us to make adjustments that keep your advertisements in front of the right audience.

  1. How Many Clicks Will My Ads Get?

The national average click-through-rate is .07%, meaning that for every 100,000 impressions delivered, there should be 70 clicks on the ad. However, during the third quarter of 2016, Manning Media provided 9,039,551 ad impressions and from the 9 million plus ads delivered, 18,488 clicks occurred, generating a superior .20 % average click through rate (CTR). And we also have the ability to track “View Through” impressions which means you can expect data on the number of people to come to your website after seeing your ad – even when they haven’t clicked on it!

  1. How Many of the People Who Click Will Convert Into Leads or Sales?

To figure this out you need to know  your typical website conversion rate.  In other words, of the people that typically visit to your website, how many of them take the action you want them to take?  If you know this percentage, multiply it by the number of clicks your ad is generating.
Example:  If you are running 300,000 impressions you should expect at least 210 people will click on the ad (that is using the national standard of .07% from above).  If you typically convert 5% of the visitors from your website, that would be 210 x 5% which means 10 conversions will be expected.

  1. Why is Driving Traffic to My Website So Important? 

Traffic to your website helps your improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google uses data such as traffic to your website to help determine your raking in search results.
Additionally, a recent study by Invoca determined that 92% of calls to businesses in 2015 were driven by digital marketing and a 2015 Deloitte Digital survey determined that 64 cents of every dollar from in-store sales was influenced by the information derived by Internet search.

  1. Why Do You Require a Minimum Number of Impressions?

Digital ads, to work effectively, need frequency because the effects are cumulative. You need time for retargeting to kick in, conversions to be tracked and time to optimize.  In addition, the average person is exposed to 10,860 ads a month according to SJ Insights and only 3% of those impressions make an impact.  You need frequency to break through all the noise.
The expert marketing consultants at Manning Media can help answer all your questions about the best practices for radio, digital, interactive and mobile media that will get your business the attention it deserves. Call us in Frederick at 301-620-7700, in Hagerstown at 301-733-4500 or fill out our online request form by clicking HERE!

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