Put the Bounce Back in Your Step: 10 Tips to Reignite Your Enthusiasm

Here we are, in the midst of the holiday season, working on wrapping up the calendar year, and preparing ourselves to head into the winter months. This time of year, it is easy to get distracted or to get bogged down in the doldrums.
What do you do when your motivation is lacking, when you begin to question your direction or when the hum of your routine becomes a drone? Do you face these times by telling yourself it will pass and trudge ahead or do you have a method for reinvigorating yourself?
Here is a list of 10 things you can do to perk yourself up and revive your business attitude, preparing for a positive and successful 2017:
1. Turn Up the Music – Music can be both an emotional and a physical release. So the next time you feel low on energy, try turning on some tunes in the office. No radio? No problem – stream us live!
2. Read a Book – Pick something outside your usual realm of interest in order to open your mind to new ideas. If you feel like you do not have the time or patience to read a book, select an audio book and listen in the car during your commute each day.
3. Networking and Beyond – Search Meetup for business groups with similar goals or if you are feeling really adventurous participate in a Meetup that is completely different from your own business to get a totally different perspective. Can’t locate a group in your area? Create your own and invite others to join you.
4. Throw a Party – It doesn’t have to be a big or an expensive venture, float the idea of a pot luck or bring in a waffle iron one morning and make breakfast for your staff or coworkers. This conveys that you enjoy them as people and generates positive vibes throughout the office.
5. Share Your Thoughts – Do you have some crazy business ideas running around in your head, strong opinions on changing the status quo, or just some expertise worth sharing? Start a blog or contribute to an established blog as a guest blogger. Do a google search for industry blogs and when you find one or two you feel are relevant, do not hesitate to contact the owner of the blog to ask if they accept guest editorials. Coming up with new and fresh blog topics can be a challenge so most bloggers welcome contributing writers –this one included!
6. Create Your Own Top 10 – If writing is not exactly your thing, you can still create your own personal top 10 list. Make a list of 10 positive things going on in your office, your business, your industry, or in your own career. Tack it to your office wall where you can look to it anytime murkiness tries to creep in.
7. Two Heads are Better Than One – Browse through LinkedIn for new people with similar businesses or in similar positions and connect with them. Once identified, send them a message asking for an exchange of ideas. You may be surprised by the number of people out there willing to share their thoughts.
8. Zombie Methodology – Make an appointment to meet with and interview a few of your best clients. Make sure you are clear that you just want to Pick Their Brain to learn more about their industry, find out what motivates them, and what is working for them.
9. Career Day – Today’s students are tomorrow’s workforce and who better to reinvigorate you than hopeful, bright-eyed students. Contact the county school board to learn how you can participate in a career day event or invite a tour of future business people from the local high school to show off how your organization works.
10. Why Wait for Spring – Clean out your office. Nothing is better for motivation than a clean slate. Clean up your space, file papers and prepare yourself for 2017 with a fresh start.
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