Get Customers to GET OUT – Out from behind their computers and into your store.

The number one reason consumers cite as their primary motivation behind shopping online is convenience. Conveniences such as 24 hour access to the products you want, delivered to your front door, while you are taking care of other, more important things.
Yeah, yeah – we hear you and we do not disagree – but is shopping online truly that convenient? It turns out that it is really not a fast process. Not when you consider that the average consumer can spend months researching products online, especially anything considered a “big ticket” item, comparing brands and reading reviews of both products and those who sell the products before spending a single dollar. And just think about how much of your Saturday slips away when you spend it in front of the computer looking for a single small ticket item like a pair of shoes.
If you are a brick and mortar retailer who is sitting in a physical location, wondering how to get people to walk through your doors, maybe it is time to examine the list of reasons why, like convenience, consumers do their shopping online – or better yet, why they do NOT shop online and use those reasons to your advantage…
According to Social Times, 69% of consumers who do shopping research online, ultimately do not buy online because they believe the return process will be too complicated.
In a past blog “The Importance of Great Customer Service” we stated the primary difference between you and an online retailer is the opportunity to provide a quality customer experience. Providing great in-store customer service is paramount and making sure your staff communicates policies like your return policy provides customers with confidence in their buying decisions but adjusting your policies to reflect the concerns of that afore mentioned 69% could mean the difference between an online purchase and one made in your store. Post statements such as “No Hassel Returns” on your website and throughout your store. Include a testimonial of a client who was wowed by your helpful return policy and you have boosted consumer confidence even more.
Many consumers choose not purchase items online because they do not want to pay the shipping costs or because their product will not be delivered soon enough for their particular needs.
This particular reason for not buying on-line is what will continue to drive shoppers into the retail space. However, many retailers are now making the choice to stock fewer item in their stores because of the decreased traffic. Then, when a consumer does come in the canned response from sales staff is typically something like, “I can order that for you.” However, do not be surprised if the consumer’s reply goes something like “I can do that myself” thus driving the consumer right back to the internet.
Social Times suggests that 54% of consumers long to touch, feel, see, and try on the products they are purchasing and even if your product is not something that requires a perfect fit – those tiny images on the internet can leave something to be desired.
So, combine this desire to interact with the product with the power of the internet by stocking several samples for the touch, feel, see, try on factor and provide an in-store electronic kiosk such as an iPad on a locked stand, loaded with product apps from the manufacturers, as a cool interactive catalog for selecting the particular color and/or design desired. Offer to drop-ship their selections to their home address and then supplement their need for instant gratification by upselling them with products you do have in stock.
Remember that the best way to get consumers to come through your doors is to invite them. It is too easy to stay at home and shop in your pajamas, so you have to give people a really good reason to show up. Manning Media’s expert marketing consultants can tailor an invitation that will prompt people to put on their pants and walk through you doors. Call us in Frederick at 301-620-7700, in Hagerstown at 301-733-4500 or fill out our online request form by clicking HERE!

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