Digital Recruitment: Finding Mr. or Ms. Right

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Every business depends on finding the “right” person for the job. Long gone are the days of creating a newspaper ad and hoping for the best. As a business, you want to find the best use of your budget, while also working to ensure you get the attention of a person that will perform at the highest level possible. How do you do that? Introducing: digital recruitment.

Posting a job opening on Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and other job boards will get you a wide range of applicants, but how many of them are a good fit, if any? We have a few tools and strategies that can help you find the ideal candidate for a position, saving you time, money and resources.

Targeting Options That Make Digital Recruitment Possible

To find the right applicant as your next hire, you can take advantage of a range of targeting strategies. Whether your industry is in a tight labor market or in an industry that’s under-skilled, audience data can help you find the opportunities that will meet your requirements. Here are a few key examples.

Behavioral Targeting

You know the characteristics you want to see in a new hire. Online, those characteristics are compiled into behavioral categories based on the websites they visit, pages they view, clicks, Google searches, repeat visits, time spent on a certain topic and more.  

How can you use this data to your advantage? Using a digital product like Native, Display, Video, Online Audio and Amazon, we can show those qualifying people your ads.

Here are some example behavioral targeting categories you can choose from:

  • Education: Bachelors Degree
  • Administrative Jobs
  • Expected to Change Jobs
  • Health Care Jobs
  • C-Level Executives
  • Apprenticeship Training Programs
  • Beauty Schools


Facebook Job Listings

Any time you open Facebook, you see countless carousel, collection, video and display ads. A Job Listing ad is a hyper targeted ad type that will use Facebook’s first party data to put your job listing in front of the perfect candidate. When an applicant clicks on “Apply Now” a window will pop up and auto-populate the information from their Facebook profile, such as their name, contact information, current and past job positions and education.

While Facebook does protect users’ age, occupation, household income, gender and zip codes from recruitment campaigns, don’t let that scare you away from searching for potential new hires on the platform!

Here are some examples of targeting categories on Facebook:

  • Job Hunting
  • Sales
  • Digital Marketing
  • Computer Science
  • Career Development
  • Education
  • Supply Chain Management


Push your job listing ad even further by using a product like Social Mirror. Social Mirror ads work to look and function like a social media post (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, SnapChat or YouTube). However, they appear on OTHER websites and apps and can link back to your job listing post, your social media page, or a landing page of your choosing. This is one of the most effective, newer targeting strategies for reaching prospective new hires.


Layered with behavioral categories like Hospitality Training, Management Training Schools, Nurses-Recruitment, Unemployment Services and more, we also utilize location based targeting to reach potential candidates.

Use geo-fencing to place a virtual fence around competitors, trade schools, colleges and universities, dorms and any locations that have a high volume of quality applicants. Continue to follow them wherever they go by retargeting them!

Do you wish you could have made it to a job fair held in the last six months? We can track the device ID’s of those who attended any large-scale event and show them your ads for 30 days.

How to Get the Best Results in Digital Recruitment Efforts

Today, it is easier than ever to create targeted ads to meet specific goals in hiring. Here are some extra tips to ensure you are finding the right candidates:

  • Ensure your targeted search is using AI to remove human bias from the process.
  • Remove geographical barriers when your talent pool is a global audience.
  • Use tools to help you find where people in your industry look for jobs and where top players in the industry go to find them.

Digital recruitment efforts are working more today than ever to reach your audience. All you have to do is put them in place to reap the benefits.

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