Lets Keep the Ball Rolling: Tailoring Ads for Instagram

In last week’s blog we discussed the importance of tailoring your ads to fit the medium you are advertising on because of the unique audience profile each media outlet reaches. This week we will continue the discussion with some tips for tailoring your ads for Instagram and their unique users.
While Instagram is owned by Facebook, their audience is fairly different. According to Science Daily, of Instagram’s 400 million active users, 90% are under the age of 35 and individuals in this age category are more likely to use social media as a form of creative expression than older adults. This explains why Instagram, a visual communication tool centered on photo and video-sharing has exploded in popularity in just five and a half short years.
Another driver behind Instagram’s popularity with the under 35 set is its mobile platform. Instagram started out as a mobile only app, originally paired with iPhone because of the capabilities of the iPhone’s camera. Instagram has since developed applications that work with android, as well as providing a desktop application that is available for viewing purposes only. A mobile device is still required to post photos and videos to the site.
Instagram’s platform is super simple and clean – large gorgeous photos followed by brief captions make the media flow.  To get your message connecting with Instagram users, incorporate these ideas into your Instagram advertisements:
Simply Amazing Images
With so many images to compete against, 40 billion and counting, be prepared with imagery that is nothing less than captivating or viewers will swipe right on past your post. Use an image that will stop viewers in their tracks; one that is compelling enough to make viewers ask themselves, “What is going on in this picture?” This is what will get them to read your caption and then like, comment, and share.
Creativity Counts
Because Instagram is image driven and the number of characters you can use in your caption is limited, creativity is paramount. You can apply the advice we provided in the blog, “When is it ok to be cliché?” when putting your 125 characters to use. Then take this concept a step further by conjuring images that address this question.
Just like with Facebook, Instagram also supports carousel ads, so if you feel your message needs additional visual support, Instagram’s carousel ads can display up to four additional images.
Oh Behave
Instagram is an interest based medium. Subscribers of Instagram can choose to follow their friends but an Instagram member can also follow interests. For example, a crafty Instagram user planning a wedding may follow diy_weddings. This makes Instagram ideal for behavioral targeting because a users profile is developed by what they are following in addition to their particular demographic profile.
When you design ads for specific audiences and the way they use the internet or platform you are targeting, you will see better results. Manning Media’s expert marketing team can help you design beautiful visual campaigns suited for Instagram as well as other media platforms that match your customer profile. Contact us in Frederick, 301-620-7700 or in Hagerstown, 301-733-4500 or fill out our online request form by clicking HERE!

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