Optimizing Your Call to Action (CTA)

Whether you are doing direct mail, digital display, radio, television, email marketing, print, or developing web content, a good marketing campaign must include a well-crafted Call to Action. It is widely agreed that the Call to Action, or CTA, is the most valuable component in your campaign since it serves as the definitive invitation to the consumer to respond to your message. This might be an obvious point but all-to-often a generic CTA is hastily slapped onto an inspired concept as an afterthought without weighing the implications.
When developing a new marketing campaign, any good marketer should ask who your potential recipients are. If your message is geared towards generating new business you will create different content than you would for an established customer base and therefor a CTA suggesting a firm action such as “call today” or “sign up now” might be premature, since the first step to attracting new customers is to establish interest.campaign direction flow chart
Another factor to consider when wording your CTA is whether or not all the information needed to make a decision is available. Marketing pieces such as direct mail, digital display, radio, television and print advertisements are designed to establish interest in your product or service but do not typically provide enough information for the consumer to make a final decision. Therefore, your call to action should be an invitation to gather more decision making data.
The desired goal of any marketing campaign is, of course, to convert interest into desire for your product or service but knowing where the consumer is in the conversion process can be a bit of a mystery. You can use the CTA to help unravel that mystery. By offering more than one Call to Action you can establish levels of interest and further convert consumers to prospects. The use of multiple CTAs is not a new concept but because traditional advertising puts limits on space and time, multiple CTAs have not always been the most desirable choice but now there are some new digital tools that make multiple CTAs a very viable option.
Mobile Conquesting or mobile ads that expand to fill the screen of your smart phone when clicked or touched are one such means of offering multiple choices that also greatly simplify the “Action” portion of the CTA. Up to three CTAs can be used in one Mobile Conquesting ad.
Using Java Script, your phone number is programmed into the mobile ad so users can take advantage of “tap-to-call technology”. Additionally, the advertisements can be programmed so that physical locations can be pinpointed and driving directions are generated based on GPS coordinates in the user’s phone. And, like all forms of digital advertising, the user can click through to your website where there is plenty of space available to educate and inform.
desire flow chart
Your website is the ideal location to utilize multiple CTAs. There you can offer different levels of commitment that match the prospects level of interest – allowing you to build trust, establish a track record of success, and fuel desire for your products and services.
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