Taking Personalization to the Next Level by Cultivating Data

Last week we posted an awesome infographic about the buying cycle and how to approach it from a personalized perspective. This week we delve into a couple practical methods for gathering personalized data and how you can put it to use in your marketing.
It is one thing to gather data points on your customer at the time of sale but gathering personalized information on the would-be customers, the ones who have not purchased from you yet; now that is an entirely different undertaking. Here are a couple of methods that can be employed to help cultivate that personal relationship that consumers of every demographic are looking for:
Digital Display & Website Analytics:
Using digital display advertising is one of the best means for gauging interest and is a great way to drive visitors to your website. Once they are there however, it is your job (and the job of you content manager) to keep their attention. Having visitors land on a generic or general information page of your website will not do the trick and will ultimately lead to a high bounce rate.
Another important tool you should be employing is your website analytics. Tracking visitor activity across the entirety of your website will reveal the most and least engaging pages. You can then use this knowledge to tweak your message and make the visitors experience more personal and engaging.
But to maximize the data generated by BOTH TOOLS, create highly targeted digital display messages, tailored to the interests of smaller groups of people. By creating multiple digital advertising campaigns that are highly targeted to particular interests, products or needs, and having each land on its own dedicated page, containing related content, you are providing a more personalized experience while also allowing you to hone in on which of your marketing messages are garnering the most attention  in the form of clicks.
Take this tactic a step further by adding a questionnaire, survey, quiz, free download or an opportunity to sign up for something relevant and meaningful to your visitor and you have segwayed into our next method for creating a personal customer experience.
Customer Intelligence
Doreen Bloch, CEO of Poshly shared her model for personalization with thenextweb.com author, Scott Gerber,
Poshly has taken their model of data collection and personalization to new heights for the fashion, health and beauty sector by allowing consumer-members to curate databases based on their own personal preferences and then shares this data with relevant brand partners. The consumers are actually allowing brands to market to them – intentionally! Because they have control over the content, consumer-members and brand partners have tailored marketing into a highly personal exchange.
Gathering customer intelligence makes it possible to customize marketing content that is relevant to customers and you can also do this to by creating real-time conversations on social media channels like facebook, Instagram and twitter. You can also take advantage of the overwhelming amount of consumer data generated by these social platforms.
Forbes contributor, Daniel Newman suggests using social media to gather data about your brand. Tracking behavior through social data in the form of posts, tweets, and comments reveals a lot about customer interests and intentions. Daniel gives this example:
The radio broadcast industry has been practicing these methods for decades. Radio cultivates a loyal audience by creating a highly personalized experience and then engages with this audience through customized messaging based on preferred forms of entertainment and genres of music, and then builds on customer data through contests and targeted promotions. Manning Media has grown into the digital age by incorporating the same methodologies through interactive and digital media and we can help you find the approach that best fits your consumers personalized needs. Call us in Frederick at 301-620-7700, in Hagerstown at 301-733-4500 or fill out our online request form by clicking HERE!

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