A Holiday of Your Very Own

Many of you may already know the history of how Labor Day came to be but I have forged ahead each year simply looking forward to the long weekend and the knowledge that the kids would soon be immersed back into the daily routine of school.

I suppose intrinsically, I knew that the day had its connections to the Industrial Revolution and to the hard won institution of the modern American work force given its obvious title but on this weekend of barbeque (crabs here in Maryland), picnics, and parties it is easy to overlook that Labor Day is a celebration of the endowment of all those hardworking Americans who came before us as well as our very own contributions to the prosperity of our great nation.

So, from all of us here at Manning Media Inc., who know how hard you work all year, we wish you a safe and happy holiday weekend!


But hey – be ready to get back to work on Tuesday, September 6th because on that day, there will only be 79 days until the official start of the holiday shopping season (Black Friday).

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