Optimizing Your Call to Action (CTA)

Whether you are doing direct mail, digital display, radio, television, email marketing, print, or developing web content, a good marketing campaign must include a well-crafted Call to Action. It is widely agreed that the Call to Action, or CTA, is the most valuable component in your campaign since it serves

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The Business Report Card: Using Surveys to Achieve an A+ Performance

The reason we receive report cards while attending school is to monitor our progress, determine the quality of our efforts and provide a baseline from which we can improve our performance. Some approach the day these documents are delivered with dread while others display gleeful anticipation and that outlook certainly

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Learning from the Fair

The event known to us today as the “Great Frederick Fair” was originally organized in the early 1800s by the Frederick County Agricultural Society as a cattle show and competition with the goal of promoting the livestock producers of Frederick County and to bring together producers of all sorts of

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