Exploring New Territory

We spend a lot of time on our mobile devices…   That statement is probably no great revelation to you since you, most likely, have a mobile device. Overall, 77% of Americans say they own a mobile device, according to an article from Pew Research this past June. That number has

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2017 Frederick Regional Health Systems, Relay for Life Radiothon

This week marks the 8th Annual Frederick Regional Health Systems (FRHS), Relay for Life Radiothon, to benefit the local chapter of the American Cancer Society. This year Radiothon, a two-day broadcast event heard live on Key 103 and 106.9 The Eagle, will take place Thursday, March 30th from noon until

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Personalization in Advertising: We Are BARKing Up the Right Tree!

Over the past few weeks we have blogged extensively about the importance of personalization as a part your sales and marketing efforts and this week we expand on this topic even further by defining the digital display technology that allows advertisers to take their message to the utmost in personalization.

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