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We spend a lot of time on our mobile devices…  
That statement is probably no great revelation to you since you, most likely, have a mobile device. Overall, 77% of Americans say they own a mobile device, according to an article from Pew Research this past June. That number has risen 35% from just six years ago; and according to Pew Research that makes the mobile device, aka the Smart Phone, one of most quickly adopted forms of technology in recent history.
With ownership on the rise, so goes the time spent using the device as a primary tool for searching the internet for answers to questions like, “how close is the best bar-be-que restaurant that also has vegan options?” According to ComScore’s research published in January 2017, consumers in the United States mobile device usage makes up 71% of total digital minutes.
What these pieces of information reveal – if your efforts to reach consumers have a digital component and it doesn’t include a mobile element, you may be missing out on a significant opportunity.
Welcome to Mobile Conquesting.
Mobile Conquesting may sound like a game that you download from the App Store but it’s actually a marketing tool that combines physical location technology with ad delivery based on behavior, brand identity, and consumption habits.
This enhanced geo-targeting ad delivery means a more precise reach for a business’ message – going after all those mobile device users right where they are spending a vast majority of their time.
This method has so much flexibility, to the point of targeting neighbors of a person who has received an ad on their phone, that a “marketing map” is necessary to mark the way to successful delivery.
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