Native advertising: Why it is one of the hottest areas of online advertising


Digital ad spending is steadily rising, and no area is intensifying faster than Native Advertising. Native ads come in many forms, but all share the common goal of not “looking” like an advertisement.
native example
Native ads are dynamically generated to match the look, feel and visual context of the website where they are seen. They can run across all devices or be specified as mobile only, and they are exploding in popularity!
Native advertising isn’t a new format for digital. It has been in use for years but it has recently entered an upswing because it is a highly effective way to get ads around ad blocking software. Not to mention, they are proven to have a higher engagement level than traditional, non-native ads.
In fact, Forbes predicted that Native Advertising will explode in 2017, and they were exactly right. As consumers tend to ignore conventional forms of advertising, native advertising becomes an effective way to garner attention.
Not only are we able to get attention with native ads, we are also seeing excellent activation and a great return on investment.
Native advertising targeting options include:
• Geography – state or city
• Demographic – gender and age ranges
• Interests – over 200 targeting categories
• Keyword Targeting – targeting a list of keywords
• Email List – target your list of email addresses
• Lookalike Audience – based on your list of email addresses
Your reports will include information on:
• Impressions
• Clicks
• Click-Through-Rate
• Click Conversions
• View-Through Conversions
The most important thing about Native Advertising is that it can get your message in front of more viewers, more often. Manning Media’s certified digital advertising experts will get your message the attention it deserves by matching it with the right advertising platform and delivering it to the most qualified consumers. Call 301-620-7700 in Frederick, 301-733-4500 in Hagerstown to learn more about our digital products and services.

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