Launch Your Website Into Hyperdrive

Back in the 90’s when I first started working on websites, web development was done by trained professionals; developers adept in the use of coding languages like HTML 2.0, Visual Basic, Java, Cold Fusion, and Klingon. Two decades later and there are quite literally, dozens of options for professional looking, do-it-yourself web design through templates, drag and drop web tools, and WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) development with administrative utilities built right in. Not to mention, video tutorials, instructional websites and whole on-line communities designed to support anyone with the motivation to take their web development and design skills to the next level.
Someone once said to me, “cha’ daq wa’ qo’ tev ‘ej bebvo’ vaj wa’ ngevwI’!” which very loosly translated means, “A website is like having a second location with its street address located on the World Wide Web.” I may not remember who the person was who said this but the statement really stuck with me. When you start to think about your website in this way, it begins to take on a whole new shape. Just like a brick and mortar location, your web based store or office needs to be staffed, inventory maintained, requests addressed, orders shipped, billing received, information kept current; all the same functions a physical location would need.
Whether you have a custom site designed by professional or a template based site you built in-house, your website should be dynamic, just like your physical location. If your inventory never changes or your information gets outdated, consumers have no reason to walk through your doors. This is the basic concept behind Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We have posted multiple blogs with tips for improving SEO such as What is SEO and Why Does It Matter? and Free Ways to Give Your Website a Lift.
Manning Media Inc., being a multi-media company, is in the business of engagement. Radio is social medium where success is determined by the number of people tuning in to listen. We apply the same concepts of radio engagement to our own websites, keeping our own content dynamic and entertaining.  Additionally, we Kling to the belief that by being consistent in our efforts on-site, on-air, and on-line, we drive even more traffic to all our locations, virtual and physical. Practicing what we preach, we will launch two newly redesigned websites for our radio stations, Key 103 and 106.9 the Eagle tomorrow in our continuing efforts to provide the best possible experience for our listeners.
Whether you are seeking additional engagement for your website or activity in your store, Manning Media has the tools and the know how to propel your Enterprise to a place where no business has gone before. Call Manning Media in Frederick, 301-620-7700 or in Hagerstown, 301-733-4500 or fill out our online request form by clicking HERE and get results that are out of this world.

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