Traditional Media Can be Your Guide to Digital Success

With all the new and changing digital advertising options available, the choices can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. The following is a digital guide based on comparable traditional advertising sources that will help you sort through all the choices.
“If you do direct mail” – If you are currently doing direct mail, using a list of names and street addresses, you should think about Household IP Targeting.  It is direct mail for the internet but it is more cost effective than direct mail and instead of just hitting a household one time with a direct mail piece you could target that household up to 50 times in a month depending on your budget. Additionally, it uses the same database list you would use for a direct mail campaign.
If your direct mail piece is going to specific neighborhoods, then Mobile Conquesting is also a digital option you should consider as this tool allows you to “geo-fence” very tight geographies.
“If you do outdoor” – If you are doing outdoor advertising, you are probably doing so because you want to reach people in a particular location. You can do this digitally by geo-fencing devices in that same area the billboard is located in. Another option to consider is Facebook Local Awareness ads. These are mobile news feed ads that can be geo-fenced around an area and the ad contains a “click-to-call” button, “click-to-map”, or even a “send message” button.
“If you do email marketing” – If you are using a database list of email addresses you can take that same list and use it on Facebook to targeting those EXACT same people on their Facebook account where the ad appears in their news feed. This is called Custom Audiences. We upload the list of emails (or phone numbers) and Facebook matches it to people’s Facebook accounts and then your ad is shown just to those people on the list. In addition, Facebook can create a “Look Alike” audience based on that list and find additional people to target.
You might wonder why you should pay to run Facebook ads when you can email someone for free? Well, consider your current “open rate” for your email blasts. If you average 20%, you can reach that missing 80%, who are NOT opening your email, with custom audiences.
“If you do TV/Cable” – This means you have already created a 15 or 30 second video commercial and that can be used for a Video Pre-roll Campaign. You can use the types of shows you are currently advertising on as a corresponding guide for choosing the digital Ad Networks that reach the same type of demographic.
“If you do newspaper” – You probably want to reach people who are interested in news and you are most likely targeting a slightly older demographic. Think about a News & Information Ad Network and a Seniors Ad Network.
“If you do tradeshows/events” – Again, Mobile Conquesting is a great option. You can do a tight geo-fence around the event and even include specific hotels or restaurants nearby.
“If you do the yellow pages” – A Search Engine Optimization campaign (hyperlink) which helps them get your website found online through search engines and online directories is probably the best way to go.
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