Spike or Growth — Which is best for business

A great article on why Programmatic Buying is the future is here for your information.There are some very significant (large by the number of 0’s behind them) in this article. It shares the idea that Digital Display will be a dominant force for quite some time. For the large advertisers — national corporations, major brands, et al — this appears to be an idea to follow or at least be familiar with when your ad agency presents it at their quarterly call. What about the small advertiser — the $2,500 per-month-cause-that’s-all-I-can-afford business owner?  Who will help him clearly understand where Programmatic Buying is taking the advertising world?  Who will help him map out a plan? Who is going to actually define for him what the heck Programmatic Buying is and WHY should he care?  The true Marketing Professional will, that’s who.
There are plenty of Advertising Executives out there. They stand alongside Advertising Consultants, Ad Reps, Media Execs and all the other quick reference names used for local direct contact personnel for media companies.  They are there to make sure that small business owner is met with his quota of up to 10 media outlet calls and inquires per day.  Ten per day — and that’s from the media outlets they are familiar with — it doesn’t include the blind emails or calls from 800 services looking to “offer them a great solution” to getting more customers in the store.
True marketing professionals will be well versed in the growth of the advertising industry.  That means recognizing that growth can occur in single sectors such as digital display over a period of time, but that at some point all marketing and advertising still rely on basic principles.  Know your client’s customers, understand the product or service being offered, learn where it is best served and when — then offer (not sell) the client solid idea-oriented solutions that will help their business grow.  Growing with the business owner guarantees a longer term relationship — something that will outlast a trend in any spike in media delivery-types.
The true marketing professionals at Manning Media define campaigns suited to match your business needs and customer profile. Contact us in Frederick, 301-620-7700 or in Hagerstown, 301-733-4500 or fill out our online request form by clicking HERE!

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