Technology in the Fast Lane

Does it seem like 60 years have passed since the video cassette recorder came into our lives? In 1956, Dwight Eisenhower was President, Little Richard released “Tutti Fruitti” and Elvis Presley made his television debut. Perhaps it was this last item that was the reason for the launch of the VCR.  As of July 2016, the Japanese manufacturer Funai Electronics – reported to be the last manufacturer to make VCRs – is halting production. At least VCR can claim it lasted longer than BetaMax.
According to reports from the Associated Press, Funai began making their all-time hit products in 1983 starting with the videotape players. Then, they began manufacturing videotape recorders in 1985. Funai shared that last year they made 750,000 VHS machines that played or recorded cassette tapes. In 2000, it made 15 million of them, 70 percent for the U.S. market, according to the company, based in Osaka, central Japan.
The idea that something so revolutionary to the world of television viewing and then ultimately the movie industry could last just 60 years and is now being hastened to the door is not uncommon in a world now dominated by the advances of digital technology. Digital cameras disguised as Smartphones led quickly to the demise of the film camera and the floppy disk.
Consider also that digital marketing and advertising technology is quickly working to stake its place at the business owners table, too. According to eMarketer, by the end of 2017, digital advertising spending will top $77 billion – nearly 38% of the total dollars spent on advertising in the United States. Their research indicates that as “consumers continue to engage further on mobile devices for content and daily activities, marketers will continue to find ways to integrate their messages to reach consumers.”
There is a cautionary tale that comes along while digital continues its growth spurt (because all new forms of media/advertising have unparalleled growth). Consumers are engaging more with their mobile devices but they are also keeping their interest and usage levels high in heritage media like radio. For the business owners trying to keep ahead of the curve, the sage advice of Jack Hershey, a well-known investment advisor, comes to mind: “Find your balance.”
Too many times, marketers are going to propose that the newest innovation will be the long-lasting answer to advertising and messaging woes but consumers are seeking more today from their content and the methods of delivery than ever before. Balance gives all businesses the chance to reach their audiences in the most appropriate way, on a consistent basis. Consider that the first manufacturer of the VCR and even those making 15 million of them 16 years ago didn’t envision Netflix or Amazon Prime.
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