An Introduction to Manning Media's Integrated Media Services

Manning Media, Inc. has served Central Maryland, South Central Pennsylvania, The Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia and Northern Virginia for nearly thirty years. With a history of providing the region’s top radio stations and a mission to lead the industry in marketing technology, we provide a fully integrated digital media solution designed to provide the maximum results for our clients.
We utilize a multi-platform approach with advanced targeting techniques to determine the best possible audience and the best approach for reaching that audience. Customizing media solutions in this way ensures our clients greater accuracy in their advertising. And because we have the tools necessary to measure our results, we cut down on advertising waste, ensuring the best return on your advertising investment.
Manning Media incorporates on-air broadcasting, on-line digital display advertising, on-site events and interactive marketing to create the best possible delivery of your message.
Our heritage media includes on-air broadcasting on 106.9 The Eagle, Key 103.1, WARK 98.9 FM, and 102.1 MOREFM, with over 150,000 consumers listen to the Manning Media stations on a weekly basis. The 2015 Nielsen Audience Report declared, “Radio is the number one mass reach medium – reaching 93% of Adults in the U.S. every week.”
Our avid listeners continue to enjoy their favorite hits even when they are out of range by listening to our stations on their phone, tablet and over the internet. Listeners can simply download the app for 106.9 the Eagle or for Key 103.1 or stream our digital signal directly from our websites.
Manning Media’s on-air talent and top-notch production department strive to develop professional messages suited to your unique business. Additionally, this talented group is constantly engaged with our listeners on the top social media outlets and through streaming media, touching listeners through all their digital devices, all throughout the day.
Manning Media’s on-line digital display advertising is the ultimate in results driven marketing. Our digital team crafts graphics that yield clicks and have honed a digital strategy that allows us to deliver your message to interested consumers who find your message relevant right now.
We have developed the only managed digital network in the region and we utilize the top rated ad exchanges to place highly targeted advertising with 90 percent of the advertising publishers. This means we are reaching consumers who find your message relevant to their particular needs at the most opportune time by taking advantage of behavioral targeting, patented IP targeting, keyword targeting, retargeting and much more.
Our interactive solutions combine the power of the internet and the influence of radio to activate fun and effective campaigns that allow consumers to connect with your business in a meaningful way.
We are not just on the air and on the net. We are there for you in person too. Manning Media is very active in the community and can be found acting as the ambassadors of your message on location through our on-site events, remotes, and appearances. We are proud to be the voice that helps support our community. On-site promotions are bolstered by our unique ability to integrate digital advertising, social media and broadcasting, heightening the awareness of your event.
360 Degree Marketing Strategies
By integrating all our services and employing a targeted strategy, we reach consumers when and where they are active. Through the use of broadcast media, streaming media, digital media, mobile media, social media, and live events we can help you target your ideal customer and grow your brand.
Visit our Media Services pages on our website or Contact us to learn more about all our services and how an integrated media solution can yeild the maximum results for your marketing dollars.

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