You have responsibilities to your clients and co-workers to answer every question about products, services, deadlines, deals, pendings, accounts receivables, vendors, and so much more.  If you try to determine that only some questions deserve an answer, a.k.a., some of your time and attention, then you may be missing out on an opportunity.
Opportunity comes from questions. The client who asks, “How does this new service really benefit me?” is not necessarily looking for more empirical data but perhaps reassurance that the move they are about to make is the best option.  And all questions — opportunities — deserve an answer even if it’s no.
No is an answer that is acceptable.  If you only consider it as a negative result, then you’ve missed the opportunity once again.  “No, I’m not interested….” — can still be a positive business outcome.  “Thank you for your consideration…should conditions change or if timing is better in the future, we can talk again.” Creating a positive business attitude from the answer to a question, even when its “no” will help you generate more business in the long run.