An Unexpected Demographic Hiding In Plain Sight

If you own or operate a business, I can pretty much guarantee you are always thinking about how to increase revenue. Well, one way to do that is to reach into a previously untapped market.
Recently we posted a blog about the growing Hispanic market and how you can reach this specific segment of the buying public. Now, in a continued effort to help you extend your brand and improve your bottom line, we would like to acquaint you with another demo you might not currently be talking to – women.
“Women?” “Of course I am advertising to Women” you say!
Well, according to Stephanie Holland, professional consultant on the subject of marketing to women, 91% of women say advertisers don’t understand them.
In order to reach the female consumer, marketers need to speak her language and engage with her on her turf. According to a Nielsen study, women spend 44% more time on social media than men and do so using mobile devices. While on their mobile devices, women account for 58% of all online purchases, many of whom shop online every single
Not surprisingly, some of the top search categories women engage in online are health, apparel, food, and family. But don’t pigeonhole your thinking. Women also account for the majority of time spent on online gaming.
And speaking of gaming – If you are an advertiser of what you believe is a male oriented product or service and you think women aren’t relevant to your advertising plan, think again. Including women in your marketing can be a game changer. Not only do women account for 70 – 80% of all consumer decisions but women are no longer content to sit on the side lines of male dominated activities.
Male-centric brands such as the National Football League (NFL) and Harley Davidson have made significant inroads into the female demographic by looking at their marketing through rose colored lenses and the results can be seen in the bleachers and on the bikes.
According to CNN, the NFL’s efforts over the last few years to bring females into the fold has resulted in a changing fan base now composed of 50% female fans, with almost 400K women attending NFL games each weekend and those fans not in the stadium, are tuning into the games on the tube. Nielsen ratings found “more women now watch the Super Bowl than they do the Oscars.”
Harley-Davidson too has been wooing women riders, creating programs like the Garage Party, an event designed to familiarize female riders with the basics of bikes and designed to take the intimidation factor out of motorcycle shopping. Clearly this strategy is working for HD because in recent years, the brand has sold more new road bikes to female riders in the U.S. than all the other motorcycle manufacturers combined. 
To begin the shift in your marketing landscape, start with a female perspective. Simply ask a female member of your staff for their honest opinions about your business appeal, environment and current marketing message. However, don’t alienate your current customer base. Instead, devise a plan designed to deliver your message to multiple groups at the same time.
pink-drill_47267057Women make many buying decisions based on the referrals of friends and family. Additionally, women turn to blogs and online reviews for information before making a purchase. So, superior customer service and managing your online reputation should be a priority in your female oriented marketing plan.
Review your marketing materials. Make sure they are up to date and depict today’s female consumers. If simply producing your product or marketing materials in a pink color pallet is the pinnacle of your marketing ideas, take a step back and determine if you have really examined your consumer’s needs.
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