Location, Location, Location – It Still Rings True, Even in the Digital Landscape

When you hear that age old slogan synonymous with the real estate industry, “Location, Location, Location,” you probably don’t think about its relevance in today’s increasingly digital landscape.
However, location is just as important as it ever was when considering marketing your business but I am not suggesting you relocate. I am suggesting that our always-on-the-move society means you need to start thinking mobile.
Location Based Advertising (LBA) is mobile advertising that utilizes opt-in location data to deliver proximity solutions; driving traffic by targeting users within a certain geographical vicinity.
User location and GPS history provides information on the values and lifestyle of consumers. Traits such as interests, attitudes, and opinions (IAO) can be derived from the analysis of location history so that you are sharing your information with consumers who are interested in your products and services when and where it matters.
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